Thursday, November 16, 2006

Personally Identifiable Information

As the federal government grapples to deal with the need to protect personally identifiable information and/or sensitive information, the concern among federal contractors and government employees is that the reaction will be too fast to be fully thought out. For example, for the government to be able to do business the solution is not the easy approach of not allowing any removable items, such as key fobs, which enables the government to be able to do such basic business processes, such as scanning a document that needs to be uploaded. Hopefully as the OMB strives to provide guidance to all federal agencies, they will provide adequate time for both government employees and contractors to understand the implications of the guidance as well as fully analyzing the need to protect PII and sensitive information without preventing all federal agency components from effectively and without undue interference carrying out their mission and fulfilling their business needs.


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Professor Steffen Schmidt said...

Good points. Now, how do we create a pervasive education program so that all the regulatory and legal information is converted into massive user information? Most people in most government agencies and private companies as well do not know diddle squat (I believe that is the technical IT term we are now using!) about what ID theft is all about. They also know almost nothing about any liability anyone might have.

It's uuugly out there!


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