Thursday, February 07, 2008

Moroccan Held for Alleged Royal ID Theft

Just in case you missed it, I wanted to share this small article with you . Next time someone try's to tell you that identity theft will not happen to them, explain to them it can happen to ANYONE anywhere. Here is a case that the thief used Facebook to commit the crime, something I have been warning of for years.

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Moroccan authorities arrested a man Wednesday for allegedly stealing the identity of King Mohammed VI's younger brother on the social networking Web site Facebook, the country's official news agency said.
Fouad Mourtada, 26, was detained in Casablanca over "villainous practices" linked to the alleged theft of Prince Moulay Rachid's identity, the MAP agency reported, citing unidentified police officials.
The report did not elaborate, but said members of the royal family have no Web sites or blogs, and that the only official way to obtain information about them was through the MAP agency.
Facebook, one of the world's most popular online hangouts, claims more than 61 million active users.

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