Friday, July 18, 2008

Politics, sex and identity theft.

Well, here is a good one! Politics, sex and identity theft. This was shared by one of our loyal blog followers. it comes from

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On July. 17, 2008 they reported that a New Jersey woman is " ... suing the call girl linked to the downfall of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer because she says Ashley Dupre used her lost driver's license to appear on a "Girls Gone Wild" video.

Dupre, of course was the call girl in the Emperor's Club VIP prostitution ring whose client list included Spitzer.

In a federal lawsuit filed in July 2008 by Amber Arpaio who says she is the owner of the lost driver's license.

Dupre has said she was only 17 when she signed a contract to appear in the "Girls Gone Wild" video.

The video displays a New Jersey driver's license in the name of Amber Arpaio and a birth date that would have made her appear to be in her 20s.

Arpaio, 26, cannot recall where she lost the license and doesn't know Dupre, although the women have similar faces, said Arpaio's lawyer, Joseph J. Fell.

"Somehow, Ashley Dupre got ahold of the license and had it for some period of time," Fell said Thursday.

Arpaio also sued "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joseph Francis.

You can find the whole story at

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