Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Help Wanted!!!!

Hundreds of Identity Theft Services have hit the market in the past few years, and hundreds of others have done so and failed. Still others have launched, floundered, renamed, changed costume, and returned to the stage.

There is one in particular into which I am looking for, and with which I need your help -- Identity Watchdog (formerly ID Rehab), both out of Denver, Colorado. In case it helps, it is my further understanding that the company founders (father/son) also own and operate a credit repair service in the same building.

If any of my readers can fill in the gaps, please add your comments to this thread.

Also, if you have information on any other company (like Identity Experts)which has not made it under one name, and is now doing business under a different name, please send me the names and locations of those as well.

Why rename your business?

Why try to hide your past?

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