Friday, May 08, 2009

FAA Hacked - What's Next?

The story is this:

"Hackers breached the network of the Federal Aviation Administration earlier this week and gained access to sensitive records, according to an aviation trade publication. The FAA breach has prompted President Obama to order an immediate review of federal cyber security."

The hackers got access to the personnel files of 45,000 FAA workers.

This is not good because now they know who these people are and can direct either financial or total identity theft at the. They now know whom to attack with hacks on their personal computers which for the most part will not be well secured like most computers in the USA.

I was just at the FAA web site. Not a word on there.

Worst case scenario?

They may now be able to "clone" the identity of some of these critical workers, duplicate their security pass information, which would give them access to the air traffic system. Moreover it will make it possible for them to forge ID cards and get past airport security as FAA employees.

why did Clinton and Bush do so little tos ecure cyber space?

Why are we spending hundres of billions on harware and airplanes when the next war will clearly be a cyber war?

Why is the mainstream media reporting so little about this? Is it because they don't understand it or because it's so frightening they'd rather go the swine flu route as a way to scare the pubic?

Stay tuned. We will cover it all.


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