Monday, April 12, 2010

Social Networking Deception Leads to ID Theft?

So, first of all, agrees to a proposed settlement of $9.5 million to users who complained about its false advertising – you know the email – “hey, someone’s been looking for you…and if you just upgrade from the free to the subscription membership, we’ll tell you who it is…”

And just about the time you realize you’ve been duped and no one’s looking for you, you’ve already enrolled with your credit card online…

But then you find your personal information on the site may have gone inappropriately public and there are unexplained charges on your credit cards?! Whoa.

It’s no wonder’s problems have now snowballed into a class action lawsuit for invasion of privacy, the above-referenced consumer settlement offer awaiting court approval, and congressional inquiries into the unexplained charges, according to a article.

Juxtapose that with my nearly 12 year-old daughter asking today whether or not she ought to accept any of the Facebook and similar social networking type invitations to join which she receives on a daily basis. Hmmm. What so often begins as an innocent interest in connecting with friends, classmates, business colleagues, etc., can too often now digress to identity theft, fraud or criminal consequences.

Us social networkers need beware, but so do the site sponsors.

Sue B Martines, J.D.

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At 3:51 AM, Anonymous eddz1949 said...

This is a bad news for the students, imagine spreading the personal in formations of over thousands of students in that school. Scams and schemes are running rampant on the Internet today, we need to be sure that we protect ourselves from identity thieves.


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