Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Line Shopping Scam and ID theft

The big story is how easy it was for Rupert Murdock's News of the World to hack into peoples computers, voice mail, and other targets. This is a HUGE warning to all of us on the vulnerabilities of our Internet activities and tools. More on this later as I just returned from a trip to Europe including London and have a lot to share! For now here is my news of the day.

"Police investigating a massive online shopping scam have arrested around 90 people across Romania.

The suspects are accused of cheating online shoppers of an estimated $20m (£12.4m) by selling fictitious goods on sites such as eBay and

Hundreds of victims, most of them in the United States, paid for their purchases, but never received them.

Prosecutors say the fraudsters used false identities to transfer money back to Romania from abroad."

D'ya like shopping on line? D'ya trust those web sites mentioned above? Are you a little less comfortable now? GOOD! Our job is to make you an "Internet Skeptic."

Steffen Schmidt

PS. Check out our short-course ID theft certification offered through the Iowa State University, College of Engineering and taught by Me and Michael McCoy so you know it's "golden"!

PPS It looks GREAT on anyone's resume who will be dealing with sensitive data.

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