Thursday, January 18, 2007

(TJ) Maxx Identity Data Loss!

Well, here we go again!

  • "Hackers cracked into The TJX Cos. Inc.’s computer system, stealing customer credit card, debit card, checking and driver’s license information in a deep data breach that lasted from mid-May to December. The hack involved the portion of TJX’s computer network that has private data from customers at its T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and A.J. Wright stores and possibly Bob’s Stores in the United States, its Winners and HomeSense stores in Canada and possibly its T.K. Maxx stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland."

Apparently when the company discovered the intrusion TJX notified the U.S. Department of Justice, Secret Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The information I read said that law enforcement officials advised TJX not to disclose the breach. A spokesman for the Massachusetts Bankers Association, said the banks will have to pay the bill for the TJX breach.

TJX said it hired General Dynamics Corp. and IBM Corp. to monitor and evaluate the intrusion and identify the affected information. "The companies have helped TJX secure and upgrade its computer systems."

Yeah, after the horses left the barn and ran away they decided to close and lock the barn!

The CEO of the company Mr. Cammarata said “We believe customers should feel safe shopping in our stores.”

Sure, .... just use cash!

This is just one more example of major corporations sloppy behavior with sensitive information of their customers.

Why is this happening so frequently? Share your views on this blog please.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger mm said...

my wife just received a letter from tjmaxx corp stating her DL number was conpromised. They gave us the typical you must contact Equifax, DMV, etc. Any suggestions to prevent anything bad from happening? thanks

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today is October 10th and I just found out that apparently TJ Maxx is not doing enough to safeguard our info...even though they have know of this for over a year! I got a new credit card and used it for the first time at TJ Maxx on Aug 29th for a mere $54. Six days later my credit card company informed me that my identity might have been stolen and that they closed my new credit card. Apparently someone charged over $4100 on my new card, just 5 days after my first and only use of the card at TJ Maxx. They went well over my $3000 credit limit and so now I cannot use my card until I sign an affidavit and the credit card co remove the charges. Luckly I did not use my ATM card or they would have wiped my account out! This is unbelievable! How can this have happened again 10 months after TJ Maxx made their official statement!


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