Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sound Off

Dr. Schmidt, Hi! My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I'm a student in your Pol Sci 487 class. I've enjoyed the links you've sent out to news articles about identity theft across the country. It's opened my eyes, to say the least.

Anyway, I wanted to add a link to your collection -

This story explores one of the 33 schools closed by administrators of the Detroit School System last year. The school was left unlocked with what appeared to be all of its contents inside - including student records free for the taking. In fact, the Detroit Free Press reporter returned some special education records to the families of students, not the school district.

Contractors were paid to pack the items inside all schools and secure its contents, which appears to have never happened. The school district feels it may be cheaper to demolish these buildings instead of repair the abuse.

I was really disgusted to read this - I hate that even our youngest citizens can fall prey to identity theft due to the incompetence of adults.

Thank you for giving me a forum to sound off. I've enjoyed the course.

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