Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Credit Cards Skimmed at Gas Station.

Here is another way you are in danger of losing your credit identity (or at the very least your credit card).

  • "During the Fourth of July weekend 2008, debit card information stolen from electronic skimming machines was used to withdraw thousands of dollars from individuals' banks accounts. Deputies believe the machines were placed on gas pumps at a Puyallup ARCO gas station in August 2007. [Schmidt note: Notice that the information was stolen almost a year earlier but not used right away]
  • Detectives say they've identified more than 60 victims who were scammed at the gas station at 11608 Meridian E. and expect more reports to come forward.
  • Card numbers and PINs stolen at the station were used at ATMs throughout King County last month, Pierce County Sheriff's Office detective Ed Troyer said. Individual losses averaged about $1,200, but were as high as $4,000." Seattle PI newspaper web site.
First, let me just say that this is a sophisticated scam. where do you or I get a scanner that looks unobtrusive, that we can place on an ATM or a gas station pump?

Second, I have warned you that when data or credit card, or full ID information thefts or losses happen the organizations (US military, colleges, hospitals, insurance companies, etc.) always say "there is no evidence that this information has been used to commit any crimes"). I (we) have always said "You have no idea WHEN the criminals will use the information because the smart and patient ID thieves will wait until everyone has gone back into a sleepy stupor, the heat is off, the guard is down, and THEN they will use the information!"

So, here we have some concrete proof of what we teach and preach.


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