Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to Campus! Give me Your Identity!

It's college time kids!

Now we need to prep ypu for all the perps out there who will find you easy pickin' for stealing your credit card or more. The statistics on growing ID theft cases at colleges are frightening and we need to more quickly to change your behavior and teach you to be "Identity Theft Aware."

We have been working on an ID theft "condom" to make sure you practice "safe computing."

After all, the college health serives (in spite of Rush Limbaugh) may be handing out actual condoms so you have "safe sex" so we want to make sure that you also protect your identity information from "viruses" just like you do against STD's.

Unfortunately we have had a hard time making the ID condom big enough to cover your laptop so instead we are developing a short, one hour, on-line "Safe Identity behavior" workshop for you kids.

We want to encourage every college and university in the USA to include a short 10 minute presentation on Safe Identity Behavior right after the talk about safe sex during incoming or freshman orientation. Then they should send you to the web site so you can take the short seminar.

Also, don't get trashed and let someone steal your wallet, purse, bag or backpack and all that personal info you keep in there. A drunk is the best target for old fashioned "analog"ID theft!

Have fun ! Be safe!

As soon as it comes out I'll be posting a link to an article on this that will be published in a college-oriented publication soon.

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