Sunday, August 03, 2008

False ID Cards - identity fabrication!

"Postville, Ia. — Federal agents who raided the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant here in May found evidence that a human resources department employee helped distribute false immigration documents to workers, court papers say.

The agents said they found about 96 fraudulent resident-alien cards in the human resources department. Many of the cards were grouped in stacks. Most of the cards, commonly known as green cards, appeared to have been made by the same forger, the court papers say.
This is a very common problem but usually company HR departments are not as blatantly involved in creating, procuring, and/or issuing false US immigration ID cards. One of the key reasons for ICE raids on companies in the United States is now ID theft. We need more information but it is likely that many of these ID cards are actually fabricated, fake identities rather than "stolen" identities.

Interesting Footnote: We have recently learned that most of the illegal workers did not even know what a Social Security Card is used for (they were asked after their arrest) and any of them cannot read or write in Spanish or English so the ID thieves and forgers were the people working for the company - the employers. But, none of them have been charged or arrested. HMM. Go figger!

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