Saturday, December 06, 2008

There is No Stopping it!

Here is a taste of the article I read early this morning in the NY Times.

"Despite the efforts of the computer security industry and a half-decade struggle by Microsoft to protect its Windows operating system, malicious software is spreading faster than ever. The so-called malware surreptitiously takes over a PC and then uses that computer to spread more malware to other machines exponentially. Computer scientists and security researchers acknowledge they cannot get ahead of the onslaught."

" ... as many as 10 million, [zombie, infected computers around the world] are being used to distribute spam and malware over the Internet each day.
So my friends we are screwed. We are like crack addicts who know that we cannot live without our computers, smart phones, Facebook, and without the Internet. We also know that we cannot live WITH all of these either because they are becoming deadly dangerous and a profound threat to our personal but also to our national security.

All the trillions spent on bailouts should have been targeted in normal times to protecting the spinal cord of the world - the Internet - from the growing number of crominals who are winnin this war. never mind the war on terrororism. This is the real threat to our future!

Read the whole article in the Times.


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