Sunday, May 10, 2009

Berkeley Hackers.

Image - UC Berkeley had NOTHING about the hack of their sensitive data! If I were a Berkeley alumnus or student I would be raging mad!

New York Times - This is all they wrote. It no longer matters. We are resigned. Ten years ago this would have been HUGE!
"Officials at the University of California, Berkeley, said hackers infiltrated restricted computer databases, putting at risk health and other personal information on 160,000 students, alumni and others. The university said the data included Social Security numbers, birth dates, health insurance information and some medical records dating to 1999. Personal medical records were not compromised, officials said. The databases also included personal information of parents, spouses and Mills College students who used or were eligible for Berkeley’s health services. The breach occurred Oct. 6 and lasted until April 9."

CNET had more info so we linked to their story.

Please get some Id theft insurance.


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