Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weak Security can compromise your Credit Card

by Aleshia Altizer

Do you know what happens every time you use your credit card? Your name and card information gets transmitted from the store through various computer networks, and ends up with the bank. According to an MSN article posted this Summer, this process can leave openings for hackers to step in and get valuable credit card information; and the banks and retailers handling this personal information, are not being as careful as they should be. The article cites a statistic from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: Since 2006, over 70 retailers and payment processors have disclosed breaches that involved tens of millions of credit and debit numbers. These were breaches that were detected; many other retailers could’ve experienced breaches that went undetected.

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Aleshia Altizer is a Corporate Writer at Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Pre-Paid Legal's signature products, including the Life Events Legal Plan and Identity Theft Shield, serve more than 1.5 million families in North America.


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