Thursday, August 27, 2009

We can't Stop It. Click on this link-

"Like a ghost ship, a rogue software program that glided onto the Internet last November has confounded the efforts of top security experts to eradicate the program and trace its origins and purpose, exposing serious weaknesses in the world’s digital infrastructure."

Have I gotten your attention?1!

Well go to the New York Times article link and see how helpless we are against cyber attacks. Of course, these are not necessarily directed at ID theft. They may be more of a government intelligence and warfare thing. But we actually don't know. And, as the so-called most advanced and technologically sophisticated country we are just plain stupid.

Our "world class" universities seem incapable or don't want to address this issue. Our government is spending all its time and money on other projects (building airports on little islands in Alaska as part of the "stimulus package"), and so forth.

So we just sit and wait to find out what the h ... this thing is!

Sleep well.


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