Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cyber Warfare - Go to Level RED now! Please.

I have just raised the Schmidt CyberThreat Level to Bright Red!

That's the highest level in my Cyber Categories.

The US government may not be ready for this but I think an alert upgrade is now warranted. Yes I know that " ... the military and the NSA care enough about transparency to tell you they care about your privacy, but if they told you anything more than that they’d have to kill your computer" as the Wired story read. I also know that there are some profound privacy issues at stake here (like, do you want your mom to know everything that you do every day (and night)? ... and if the answer is "NO I don't freakin want my mom to know anything like that! !@@#$%"

Then may I ask ... why would you want the federal government to know!?
So read this?

President Obama’s pick to be the 4-star general at the head of the military’s new computer security and cyberwar command sailed through a Senate confirmation hearing Thursday, while revealing virtually nothing about he plans for the new command.

Lieutenant General Keith Alexander has run the National Security Agency for the last five years, and was nominated to simultaneously head the military’s newest command wing, the U.S. Cyber Command. The elevation of computer security to a command - which is always headed by a 4-star general — signals that the Pentagon considers computer security defense to be of utmost importance to its operations.


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