Tuesday, December 07, 2010

How Wiki Leaks Got out! Shocking news!

Be VERY afraid when you read and view this. A lowly US PFC in Baghdad was able to access a massive number of classified documents from American Embassies and other sources. If he can do that, and the US Defense Department and the State Department have a Top Secret regime SO WEAK that he was able to "google" the classified network and download all these 300,000 documents.

Imagine how threatened and vulnerable we all are in our own information which is not even classified or top secret!

Not only should the PFC be punished but the Defense Department and State security officers need to be hauled in for an "enhanced interrogation" grilling. And, there needs to be an immediate and emergency upgrade of all US government security system.

Gays in the military, tax cuts for millionaires, and all the other issues that Washington is preoccupied with are meaningless as our nation sits vulnerable and helpless to hacking and cyber attacks. CONTACT YOUR congressman and senator now. DEMAND enhanced national cyber security!

Army Pvt. Claims Credit for WikiLeaks Spill

"While founder Julian Assange is at the center of the ongoing WikiLeaks controversy, 23-year-old Army private Bradley Manning reportedly made it all possible. David Martin reports on the latest. "

Stay tuned for the fallout from this one. The second show has not dropped yet.

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