Monday, September 20, 2010

INTERPOL's Chief Identity faked on facebook

So here we are posting our little hearts pout on Facebook. Then comes this surprising story:

If you're going to be an identity thief, think big. Like stealing the identity of the head of one of the world's best-known law enforcement agencies.

That's what happened not once, but twice, to Ronald Noble, secretary general of Interpol, who revealed the attacks in a speech at the First Interpol Information Security Conference last week in Hong Kong.

"Just recently INTERPOL’s Information Security Incident Response Team discovered two Facebook profiles attempting to assume my identity as INTERPOL’s Secretary General," Noble said.

We have warned y'all about the Internet and now even the world's police chief is being spoofed by malicious people.

Why would they want to do this?

"One of the impersonators was using this profile to obtain information on fugitives targeted during our recent Operation Infra Red," Noble said. "This Operation was bringing investigators from 29 member countries at the Interpol General Secretariat to exchange information on international fugitives and lead to more than 130 arrests in 32 countries"

So if YOU use Facebook for work or to share information with your "friends" make sure there is nothing you don't want bad guys to lay their hands on because they will.

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