Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Internet is our enemy

Today I was reading some news about flooding in Missouri.

Suddenly in Firefox a news browser window popped up that said - "You have Won and iPad 2"

I NEVER click on anything like this so I tried to close that pop up window.

It would not close. I tried quitting Firefox and it would not close. I tried rebooting and it would not let me because Firefox had an open pop up that took priority over my comment to close and restart.

I hard rebooted by pushing the power button. When my Mac rebooted the same pop up with the iPAd prize popped up again like some devilish spawn of Satan!

I waited and waited and would not click on the link but all of a sudden it opened up a browser page where I could enter some information to get my free iPad even though I repeatedly refused to click on the link.

I quickly quit Firefox and rebooted my computer.

I have no idea what price I will pay or what they did to my computer during that whole episode but I felt completely and utterly helpless. There was nothing I could do. The browser and the Internet had taken control of my computer!

I suddenly realized that with computers and the Internet you cannot call 911. You are on your own (unless you are at work and have some fantastic tech support)

You can't even be self sufficient and but a 357 Magnum so that you can defend yourself.

I believe that we are now right at the edge of some terrible, TERRIBLE things that will happen with the Internet. It has become a wild west and there is no sheriff in town.

If these gangsters program a pop up that cannot be closed and you are hostage to it I think most people will simply give up in desperation and click on the link button. I almost did. Then they will have violated the ONLY advice we have for people "don't click on links you don't know."

My question is "what is the industry doing to fight against the hordes of commercial and criminal gangsters (including Internet ad agencies and ad tools) that are rapidly seizing control of the Net?"

The answer is nothing. They don't care. Security is expensive. We have no way of tracing internet attacks to be able to retaliate because attacks and maleware is delivered by proxies.

We are truly now all alone as the Net aliens attack us, our financial and identity security.


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