Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murdock Media Web Sites hacked!

Now here is scary news!

The most powerful media empire on earth - Rupert Murdoch's -which should have good Web site security has been totally hacked and hosed! Can you imagine how easy it is to hack YOU!? Beware. Look over your shoulder. These are dangerous cyber times for everyone!

Note - Murdoch is not dead from a drug overdose! (Picture = screen shot)

Start of NY Times article quote:

"The hacking group Lulz Security claimed responsibility for a string of attacks on Web sites belonging to the News Corporation on Monday. Among the attacks, the hacking group planted a fake article about the death of Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of the News Corporation, on one of the company’s newspaper sites.

The fake article appeared on a page at new-times.co.uk, which had apparently been used to inform readers about a new design for the site of The Times of London. It said Mr. Murdoch had died from a drug overdose.

Mr. Murdoch’s company is facing a sweeping scandal in Britain, set off by revelations that journalists at his newspapers hacked into voice-mail accounts in search of news.

After posting the fake article, LulzSec apparently altered the Web site of The Sun, another Murdoch paper, so that it sent site visitors to the article. Soon after, the Sun site instead forwarded visitors to the LulzSec Twitter page.

LulzSec also claimed it had changed the DNS addresses for all of News International’s Web sites, making them completely inaccessible to the public. DNS refers to the Domain Name System, which is a directory that connects Web site names to numerical Internet addresses.

When News International, the British newspaper division of the News Corporation, posted what appeared to be a statement about the hacking of The Sun’s site on its corporate site, those who tried to read the statement were also sent to the Twitter page. The sites of News International, The Sun and The Times were all unreachable later in the evening." end of NYT article quote.


Steffen Schmidt


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