Sunday, May 04, 2008

Beware of Site that Sounds like our Blog!

One of our subscribers sent us this (below in RED) today from a Google search she did. 

She asked "Do you guys have a new blog?" 

The answer is no! We are the ID Theft PREVENTION Institute! We are a spinoff of two National Science Foundation (NSF) research grants. We work with programs that are part of the Center For Information Protection (CIP) and the Information Assurance (INFAS) graduate program at Iowa State University which was designated as a National Security Agency (NSA) national excellence center. We are the authors of two books on identity theft. 

Pass this on to your customers, friends, and family. 

The following is NOT associated with us! 

The Identity Theft Institute

Welcome to The Identity Theft Institute. This site is under construction. Please contact Michael A. Mastracci for access.

Remember: Be very, very alert. The Internet is a dangerous place and you are the first line of defense against threats to your identity.


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