Saturday, May 03, 2008

IRS and Baseball Scams

If you are relaxing wake up and get real!

Here are two more Id theft stories just to keep you fresh and on your toes and to keep your presentations interesting and timely.

IRS Scam

The Reno Gazette-Journal recently reported this on their web paper-

"County Sheriff's Office was recently made aware of an online identity theft/fraud scheme perpetrated by suspects sending a ruse e-mail resembling an e-mail from the Internal Revenue Service."

"The e-mail message is titled "Tax Refund Msg". It was sent from an e-mail address of When opened, the message appears as a Web page from the IRS, advising of a tax refund payable to the recipient. The recipient is instructed to provide their Social Security or tax ID number, as well as their name, address, date of birth, and credit/debit card account information to get the refund."

The IRS confirms that this site is fraudulent.


Major League Baseball's new investigative unit is at work on several probes. "There were about 500 instances in 2007 relating to investigations in which players were victims, which included instances ranging from fraud to stalking to phony pages on MySpace and Facebook. There is an ongoing probe of two people falsely claiming to be scouts."

"Some of them were full-blown identity thefts, where people are opening lines of credit in someone's name, and some of them are just impostor cases," Dan Mullin, MLB's vice president of investigations said. "We had a case last year where a guy was posing as a player. He actually was dating a girl. She believed she was dating this major league player, shopping for real estate, shopping for cars."

"The girl wasn't a sports fan, so she was going along with it, right to the point where they were just about to get engaged," Hanna said. "He was using his entree to various real estates and setting up burglaries of these homes that he was going in, looking at."

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ID theft is such a useful tool for making all kinds of mischief and committing all sorts of crimes!

Stay alert. Get or update your Id Theft protection plan.

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