Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Here we go again", Ronad Reagan

Didn't see this one in your local newspaper or on TV? The media hardly covers these cases anymore because they are so frequent and there seems to be so little we can do to stop ID theft and criminal behavior by hackers.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009. “Up to 2,000 Federal Aviation Administration employees in metro Atlanta could have had their personal information —- including names and Social Security numbers —- stolen by a hacker who broke into one of the agency’s computers. The agency, which operates a number of facilities in North Georgia, including a regional headquarters in College Park, declined comment Tuesday about the number of Georgia employees affected in the breach. Nationwide, about 45,000 FAA employees who were on the agency rolls as of February 2000 could be affected, the FAA said.” Atlanta Constitution
One of the real problems facing us is that personal information is now stored everywhere on the Internet. Barak Obama and his amazing e-campaign for President has millions of e-mail addresses and other information. Federal, state, and local government agencies have information somewhere in electronic files often accessible from the Internet with weak passwords, no encryption, computers with outdated anti-virus software operated by people who barely know where the "on" button is, sloppy employees who carry the information around on laptops and thumb drives, and other grave threats.

And, we want to put the last remaining massive base of information that IS NOT ON THE NET but kept in file folders and scribbled hand written form on the Internet.

What information is that?

YOUR medical records and the records of every other one of us 300 milli0n Americans!

Do YOU think that information will be secure?

Do you think that hackers worldwide are not drooling to start attacking those massive "Gold Mines" of information?!

Look out! Here it comes!


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