Sunday, January 18, 2009

New and Tougher Authentication in Cyberspace

Yup we are now finally facing the reality. Cyberspace is utterly NOT secure and our current system for giving access to sites - passwords - is largely a joke. Here is the latest thinking:

SAN FRANCISCO — License plates may be coming to cyberspace.

A government and technology industry panel on cyber-security is recommending that the federal government end its reliance on passwords and enforce what the industry describes as “strong authentication.”

Such an approach would probably mean that all government computer users would have to hold a device to gain access to a network computer or online service. The commission is also encouraging all nongovernmental commercial services use such a device.

“We need to move away from passwords,” said Tom Kellermann, vice president for security awareness at Core Security Technologies and a member of the commission that created the report.
You can get the full and grim details in a report of advice to Pres Obama on how to proceed - Securing Cyberspace for the 44Th President.

So be aware that if government can't secure it's sites you, I, and grandma need to be extra careful!


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