Thursday, July 02, 2009

"These networks are poorly defended and vulnerable to theft,"

we have been warning all of you about the weakness of networked systems and the threat to your personal information but also to US national security. Now we see the picture more clearly:

OUR economy, energy supply, means of transportation and military defenses are dependent on vast, interconnected computer and telecommunications networks. These networks are poorly defended and vulnerable to theft, disruption or destruction by foreign states, criminal organizations, individual hackers and, potentially, terrorists. In the last few months it has been reported that Chinese network operations have found their way into American electricity grids, and computer spies have broken into the Pentagon’s Joint Strike Fighter project.

Acknowledging such threats, President Obama recently declared that digital infrastructure is a “strategic national asset,” the protection of which is a national security priority. (Click link for the rest of this article)
This is clearly a very alarming development and sadly we could have started working on this years ago. Mike McCoy and I, working with the Center for Information Protection (CIP) at Iowa State University have been writing (2 books and many articles), speaking (many, many radio, TV and hundreds of personal appearances and workshops) about this danger.

Sadly, neither the state legislatures nor the Feds really wanted this issue on their agenda because the plate is full already anyway. So, we keep plugging along anyway.

Now the time has come for a full frontal assault and a national mobilization starting with YOU and going through all institutions to put in place a more robust security system.

You need to contact your state legislator (in whatever state you are) and your members of Congress. It's no longer just about us individually. It's about the security of our economy and our nation!


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