Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Just because traveling is on the collective US brain right about this time of year, doesn’t mean we have to lose our minds! And since we are indisputably at a higher risk of identity theft while traveling, there are certain tips of the trade that really need to be taken to heart to ensure safe travels -- basic, but potentially huge identity-saving tips.
Here’s our best assimilated list:
+LESS IS BEST – leave the checkbook and social security card at home (no extra bait needed);
+HANDLE YOUR MAIL – generally best held by the post office (an overstuffed home mailbox is like broadcasting your absence);
+MAKE SMALLER CASH WITHDRAWALS – even if more frequent; so as to use local currency while traveling and minimize credit card exposure;
+TAKE PRE-PAID CARDS – they’re unusable by a thief and replaceable if stolen;
+KEEP TRACK OF RECEIPTS – treat these like an extension of your money;
+SAFEGUARD RENTAL CAR AGREEMENTS – keep these with you in lieu of in the glove box;
+MEMORIZE YOUR PIN – this is a good idea whether traveling or at home;
+AVOID CYBER CAFES – or at least avoid conducting sensitive personal business on them;
+BACK HOME, DO A DOUBLE-TAKE – double check your accounts and beware of late statements (twice my family has had fraudulent credit card charges upon returning from Mexico).

Adios and Bon Voyage!
Thanks to SeniorJournal.com and http://www.travelmalta.com/Travel%20tips/Tips1.htm.


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