Wednesday, July 08, 2009

North Korea Suspected in Cyberattack

Here is the basics of this new attack:
July 8 -- South Korea's intelligence agency suspects that North Korea may have been behind an Internet attack that on Tuesday and Wednesday targeted government Web sites in South Korea and the United States, lawmakers in Seoul told news agencies
Why should we care since we are interested in personal Identity Theft? Well here is why:
In the United States, the attack targeted Web sites operated by major government agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security and Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. In addition to sites run by government agencies, several commercial Web sites were attacked, including those operated by Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange and The Washington Post.
These sites contain tens of millions of files that may include YOU and all your private information! Moreover, these are critical sites for the stable functioning on the United States economy and national security (homeland security) systems.

So let's stay vigilant and keep our private information protected.


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