Friday, July 17, 2009

Twitter hack

We are moving in the wrong direction away from more security to a nightmare world. The latest breach (see below and link to story at top) raises doubts about the "Internet App of the Future" cloud computing. Also, the legitimacy of passwords and usernames as the way to provide security is in doubt (it was always VERY questionable).

This is basically where you don't have much of anything on your computer. it all "lives" on servers and you can both access your material and also the application needed (text - Word, data -Excel-, presentation - Power Point). The idea is that you'll be "liberated" from the hassles of having to download and update stuff all the time.

Now Twitter and the whole G-mail environment were hacked and there is an "oops!" moment. for those of us interested in and working on ID theft protection this is one more frustrating nightmare. Stay tuned for solutions. In the meantime keep as much of your data safe.

Is password protection an inherently flawed security model? A hack into a Twitter employee's Gmail provided access to a number of confidential Twitter docs housed in Google's cloud. What does that say about cloud security? Information from the docs was leaked to the media and published on various outlets. Is that allowable under freedom of the press? Or does it amount to participation in a criminal act? By Erika Morphy E-Commerce Times -


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